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High CPC keywords for youtube 2018

High CPC keywords for youtube 2018 which help you to Earn money From Youtube Adsense. These High CPC keywords for youtube 20$ to 400$. Low Earning is always very big and common issue for who’s working on Youtube adsense. We do lots a hard work with video editing , scanning , Uploading and Sharing. But we could not earn enough as they expectation of earning just earn hand to mouth. Even got thousands of view’s still not earn to much We do not think why our earning is low and low. Its only reason our youtube adsense CPC (Cost per click). Mean when viewers click on our ads which amount we earn is called cpc we always got low cpc like 0.05$ or 0.10$. Every topic like Insurance , Education or funny videos have Different CPC. And according to Our video title Adsense show ads on our videos.

If we work on high cpc keywords i sure we can earn handsome earning in every month. So today i will tell you high cpc keywords for youtube 2018 which have 410$ cpc can you believe even more then this. Also i give you in details how can you make videos on these topic and which topic have most CPC.

High CPC keywords for youtube 2018

Mesothelioma High CPC keywords

When i was searching on these topic i was amaze to see CPC of this topic this topic cpc start from 10$ and highest CPC is 420$. I will also not believe but its true this topic have highest CPC keywords which you can use Earn Thousands of money. You can create videos on this topic about Mesothelioma awareness , Mesothelioma Derails or Mesothelioma Laws. Mesothelioma High Cpc words are under also i have attaching file of excel which you can download.

Keyword Searches CPC
Mesothelioma cancer attorney 1,000 420$
Non Malignant Mesothelioma 100 345$
Lawyers Mesothelioma 100 330$
Florida Mesothelioma lawyer 100 310$
Pleural Mesothelioma prognosis 100 279$
mesothelioma lawyers new york 100 260$
Mesothelioma lung cancer 1,000 249$
Mesothelioma Help 1,000 246$
dallas mesothelioma attorneys 1,000 213$
mesothelioma lawyer 10,000 190$
Mesothelioma lawsuit 10,000 186$

Donate Car to Charity High CPC keywords

If we talking about High CPC keywords then how can we forget this topic. This topic also has very high cpc which you can use and Earn handsome income in every month. You can use these below keywords and make videos on these High CPC keywords like you make video on. Where Donate Car to Charity, How can we Donate Car to Charity , or Best Donation place.

Keyword Searches CPC
Donate car to charity los angeles 100 106$
Donate car va 1,000 68$
car Donation Tax 1,000 58$
Donate car md 1,000 57$
Donate car los angeles 1,000 55$
Boat donation programs 1,000 52$
donate car california 1,000 50$
car donation california 1,000 50$
Car Donation michigan 1,000 49$
How car donation works 100 48$
Car donation los angeles 1,000 47$

High CPC keywords for Youtube 2018

Insurance High CPC keywords

Insurance also very healthy and High CPC keywords topic which you can use to earn lot’s a money. This topic great thing this topic have Good and enough searches than the other High CPC keywords topic. You can work on these type of videos title like How to claim insurance , best insurance company in USA or Best insurance company in Uk.

Keyword Searches CPC
Utah Auto insurance quotes 100 197$
Auto Insurance logan utah 100 145$
Utah auto insurance requirements 100 104$
Auto insurance ogden ut 100 103$
Car insurance quotes ct 1,000 93$
best auto insurance in colorado 100 84$
Auto insurance quotes az 1,000 82$
Uto insurance quotes colorado 1,000 81$
car insurance quotes maine 1,000 72$
Car insurance quotes indiana 1,000 72$
Auto insurance utah 1,000 71$

Education High CPC keywords

Education topic also have very High CPC keywords which we can use to earn enough and earn huge amount from youtube. Education topic also have very Good monthly searches. We can make videos on these type of topic like best graduate counseling degree. Best degree online or cacrep online masters program or any other title which you like.

Keyword Searches CPC
Online graduate counseling degree 100 124$
Lpc degree online 100 109$
Online counseling phd programs 100 87$
Online counseling degree 10,00 75$
Online school counseling degree 1,000 64$
Masters in school counseling Online 1,000 63$
Online counseling masters degree 1,000 63$
Different degrees in education 100 63$
Doctorate programs in counseling psychology 100 60$
Doctorates degree in psychology 100 57$
School counseling degree online 1,000 54$

High CPC keywords 2018

Hosting & Domian High CPC keywords

Hosting also is very High CPC keyword topic its it has lots a monthly searches on Youtube. Because lots a people want to buy cheap domian & Host. So you can work in this topic and these Keywords. Some Suggest and idea video title for you like. Buy a domain name cheap in 0.99 or purchase domain name cheap just in 1$. Most Hosting & Domian High CPC keywords below.

Keyword Searches CPC
Cheapest way to buy a domain name 100 28$
Buy a domain name cheap 1,000 28$
Buy domain for cheap 100 22$
Buy a domain name 1,00,000 21$
Buy a domain cheap 1,000 21$
Buy domain and email 1,000 20$
Purchase domain name cheap 1,000 20$
Buy domain name cheap 10,000 18$
dedicated hosting 10,000 17$
Best web hosting siteS 10,000 17$
Cheap domain names 100,000 16$

Also you can use other title with these keywords and also you can 2 or 3 words from keywords. Hope you will work on these high cpc keywords on earn a lot online. If you do not know how to earn on Youtube visit Earn Money from Youtube by uploading videos. Hope you learn some thing new which help you to Earn more from Online. If You have any question about this post comment below. Please share this post share on Facebook and Google plus.

Note: These high cpc keywords Search from Google keyword planner and fully verified and trusted keywords. You can search these keywords on Google keyword planner.


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