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How to do keyword research for SEO Keyword Planner

How to do keyword research for SEO and Find best keyword which has low competition and High cpc. Best tips and techniques to do keyword research for SEO. SEO become more and more essential than the any other skill’s because if you have ranked then you will more sale’s more traffic its mean Earning. That’s why SEO become huge impact on Websites Earning same like in Youtube more views more Earning. What is Seo and How it works. In SEO lots thing to do like On Page seo Back linking. But most important  keyword research. Because in keyword research you can low competition and high CPC keywords. Which can help you Rank quickly and fast and also more Earning. So today i will tell you How to do keyword research for SEO and how we can Find best keyword for content. So Lets Strat..!!!

How to do keyword research for SEO

I will explain How to do keyword research for SEO Using Keyword Planner method because every body can not buy pro software and paid subscription. This will be simple and unique method which help you a lot i use this method with simple and unique techniques. You need just internet connection and one gmail account and make Adword account then go to adword > Keywords planner. In this tutorial we use that’s keywords “keyword research”.

Long tail keywords or Short Keywords
How to do keyword research – First of all i want to tell you always use Long tail keywords because mostly user search Long tail keywords than the Short keywords. Here is definition of Long tail keywords and Short Keywords.
Long tail keywords: Those keywords contain 4 are above number of words in keywords called Long tail keywords.
Like: How to do keyword research for SEO or High CPC keywords for youtube 2017.
Short Keywords: Those keywords contain on 3 are less than 3 words in keywords is called Short Keywords.
Like: Funny Videos or do keyword research.

High competition keywords or Low competition Keywords.
High competition mean those keywords which need more hard work and more effort top get rank in Search Engine. And in other hand Low competition Keywords less hard work and effort than the High competition Keywords. So always choose Low competition Keywords Do’t worry if Low competition Keywords has low searches.

High CPC keywords
Its very important factor in selecting of research about keywords if you will use adsense on website or videos. Always use ans select High CPC keywords for website. Because if you use High CPC keywords in you website google will display high cpc ads along with your web. So avoid low CPC keywords and use High CPC keywords. Also check High CPC keywords.

How to do keyword research for SEO Using Keyword Planner

Open Adword and login with gmail account then Open Keyword planner and put your keywords in input text box and select your target country if you target All over the world then leave its and click on Get Ideas. As mention in above image.

how to do keyword research

Customize your search keywords
In keyword planner you can Customize and filter keywords result and go to left side bar and click on keyword filter and check on low. In this filter keyword planner show you those keyword which has low competition.

how to do keyword research

In next filter click on keywords option then on Only show ideas closely related to my search terms in this filter keyword planner show you result if those keyword which is related with your main keywords.

how to do keyword research

How to do keyword research

How to do keyword research –  Now in the result of filter you can see low competition and related keywords front of your eye’s. But you can see in the below image short keyword more searches than the long tail keywords. I have already tell you always use long tail keywords which has decent searches and high CPC.

how to do keyword research

After the selection of keywords search on US google. Check how many websites are using these keywords in post meat title and post meta description.

  • If in 1st page no one use your keyword in title and in description then use this keyword.
  • If you found any website those using these keywords which you have selected. Then open these website and check alexa rank using Alexa extension.
  • If these website rank high than search anther keywords and do again this method.

I always use this method and always rank website in top also in these simple you do not need any paid subscription.
Hope you will use my this simple method of How to do keyword research. If you like this comment below and share on Social websites.

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